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custom gaming mouse mat

Kelida creates professional and advanced products, such as custom gaming mouse mat, ass mouse pad usb mouse pad and so on.

  • Sexy Woman Silicone Boobs 3D Mouse Pad KLD-003

    Sexy Woman Silicone Boobs 3D Mouse Pad KLD-003More >

    In recent years, more and more open society, coupled with the strong rise of the second meta-culture, everyone's enthusiasm for the chest has also been moved to the top of the table. Custom gaming mouse mat is the product of the successful birth in this environment, not only looked comfortable, it is also comfortable to use.

  • Ass Mouse Pad KLD-001

    Ass Mouse Pad KLD-001More >

    Because the custom gaming mouse mat can be easedthe pain ofyour wristwhen you working with the computer.Therefore, custom gaming mouse mat can also as a welfare to employees, both economic , practical and healthy.Some workers from mouse pad factory can beneficial from it directly. 

  • EVA PVC Mouse Pad KLD-EP302003

    EVA PVC Mouse Pad KLD-EP302003More >

    The custom gaming mouse mat is a small cushion, which can be auxiliary computer peripheral equipment "mouse".It can prevent the contact part of the mouse and desktop, mouse pad bottom and the desktop to be wear.It can also served as a decoration on the desktop.Youcanprinted promotional advertising contenton the mouse mat as a gift to present to your customers and potential customers for as a marketing tool.