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custom gaming mouse pad

Custom gaming mouse pad, eva mouse pad,mouse pad factory for sale best mouse pads in Kelida.

  • Kelida Custom Cat Paw Mouse Pad KLD-CP360

    Kelida Custom Cat Paw Mouse Pad KLD-CP360More >

    The custom gaming mouse pad is a small cushion, which can be auxiliary computer peripheral equipment "mouse".It can prevent the contact part of the mouse and desktop, mouse pad bottom and the desktop to be wear.It can also served as a decoration on the desktop.Youcanprinted promotional advertising contenton the mouse mat as a gift to present to your customers and potential customers for as a marketing tool.

  • Wrist Rest Support Mouse Pad KLD-0012

    Wrist Rest Support Mouse Pad KLD-0012More >

    Custom gaming mouse pad is easy to clean, non-stick oil, grease or dusty dirty, affect the sticky force or paste, not only use water rinse, that is, dry and then re-use the hand gently at the original efficiency.

  • Custom Logo Mouse Pad Silicon Mouse Pad

    Custom Logo Mouse Pad Silicon Mouse PadMore >

    Custom gaming mouse pad features Heat resistance, high temperature, with excellent low temperature resistance, through the test heat frost sun protection, 80 degrees to minus 20 degrees Celsius, the natural use is the same.

  • Custom Printing Silicon Mouse Pad KLD-G160

    Custom Printing Silicon Mouse Pad KLD-G160More >

    Bracers Mouse pad can not only use smooth, even the wrist part of the soft, to avoid wrist pain.Custom gaming mouse pad is not limited to cloth type, you can buy you want for example metal, glass and PVC surface and so on. If there is no mouse pad, the mouse foot pad will stick to the obvious dust dirt soon, it must be erased every few days, if you use the mouse pad will not appear this problem.