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gel mouse pad factory

Kelida is a gel mouse pad factory with strong manufacturing strength.

  • Leather Mouse Pad

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    The running speed of the mouse on the mouse mat and precision is completely determined by gel mouse pad factory (except the quality factor of the mouse).

  • Wrist Rest Support Mouse Pad

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    The advantages of wrist rest support mouse pad is cheap, reduce the pressure on the wrist will not be like a hard mouse pad will be cool and easy to carry. Enough to meet the general office crowd or the player's use. Wist rest support mouse pad by gel mouse pad factory to some high-end, usually aluminum base, the surface has a special wear-resistant materials. 

  • Silicone Mouse Pad

    Silicone Mouse PadMore >

     you can buy some with a silicone wristband, sponge wristband mouse pad, ass mouse pad,slow rebound wrist mouse pad, gel mouse pad to prevent the mouse hand.