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  • Rubber+PVC+Paper - PVC Mouse Mat

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    High strength polyester fiber, woven cloth used to do advertising mouse pad shape retention is good, do not shrink deformation. Abrasion resistance is also good, and durable, crisp anti-wrinkle, easy to care after washing can be free from soup, but polyester fiber moisture permeability is poor, poor sweat capacity. Cotton fiber has a good sweat absorption.

  • EVA Mouse Mat

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    Kelida beauty of the mouse mat, is actually a kind of silicone wristbands mouse pad, the material is composed of silica gel + fabric + PU bottom, but it's wrist position shape similar to female breasts, coupled with the mouse pad design basic. It is beautiful, so there will be a beauty mouse pad this title. This type of mouse pad is rarely seen in the general physical store digital market, and is basically available online.

  • EVA PVC Mouse Mat

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    Memory foam is the biggest international, one of the most life-changing invention, there is a lot of research and application examples show that it is to protect human health, and skin affinity, comfortable feeling, and so on performance than other materials, software implements upgrade in the future become the preferred product.