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mouse mat suppliers

Mouse mat suppliers-Solving problems about mouse mats form Kelida.

  • Microfiber Mouse Mat

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    Rubber mouse mat is a natural material derived from rubber tree juice, they are extremely valuable, because each rubber tree can produce only 30cc latex juice per day. A latex product at least one day to a day and a half to complete the production, is a very time-consuming and precious material of a product. By evaporation molding, itself has numerous pores, good air permeability and the surface of the stomata is smooth, so mites can not be attached, and latex juice has a very important feature is that it emits the smell so that many mosquitoes are not To be near.

  • Lockrand Mouse Mat

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    KELIDA mouse mat suppliers professional in making custom printing gaming mouse mat. Using environmental protection materials, different size and clearly printing. 

  • Gaming Mouse mat

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    Today let one of the professional custom mouse mat suppliers - Kelida Factory to introduce you how to choose a handy gaming mouse pad, and now the popularity of the computer is getting higher and higher, almost a manned computer , Then for the computer peripherals, the peripheral industry is also developing better and better, the development of peripherals also led to the development of related industries, the mouse pad is one of them, because the mouse pad is a computer peripheral Mouse related products, so it is also developing very well.