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mouse pad manufacturers

Mouse pad manufacturers provide advanced and professional mouse pads in China.

  • Memory Foam Mouse Pad

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    Memory foam mouse pad hold up much better over time when compared to a regular mouse pad. They are built with gamers in mind and gamers are likely to abuse their mousepad a bit more than the average PC user. Case in point, I still own and use my Steel Series mousepad I bought over 5 years ago and it is still going strong.

  • Sponge Mouse Pad KLD-ZHW01

    Sponge Mouse Pad KLD-ZHW01More >

    The first big advantage of a sponge mouse pad is that it is larger. By being larger than the average mousepad, you won’t have to pick up and set down your mouse nearly as often. If you are a gamer, you know that needing to pick up and center your mouse can really throw you off. This is particularly true in any game that requires quick and precise mouse movement. By not having to pick up and center your mouse as often, your in-game performance will surely improve.

  • Customized Shape Mouse Pad KLD-0056

    Customized Shape Mouse Pad KLD-0056More >

    Made into a customized shape mouse pad will not be like other business cards and advertising leaflets so that others readily thrown into the trash can, so that every minute of your investment are implemented.

  • 3D Breast Silicone Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

    3D Breast Silicone Wrist Rest Mouse PadMore >

    Choosing a Wrist Soft Material, Silicone, Memory Foam or other soft fill helps to relieve the pressure on the wrist forearm nerve and tendon. Hard materials tend to cause compression, resulting in pain and discomfort. Find a silicone wrist rest mouse pad, so your hand naturally placed on the mouse pad wrist position, sitting, hands naturally at an angle, can comfortably reduce stress-related injuries.