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Popular Unique Instagram Style Design of Mouse Pad

As a professional wrist rest mouse pad supplier, Kelida supplying various mouse pads, such as gel wrist mouse pad, keyboard pad, silicone mouse pad etc. We can adapt to different levels of customers' demands. Kelida follows the trend of modern life, updating some latest popular style designs ideas of the mouse pad.


useful sponge mouse pad

In the past two years, INS style has been a design craze. The full name of INS is Instagram, or photo wall. It's a social app that runs on mobile and shares your snap photos with others in a quick, beautiful and fun way. Ins style has already occupied a place in the field of fashion home furnishing, which is full of design sense and tonal objects.INS style tone saturation is low, the overall style tends to retro cold tone or fresh and clean. To take an INS style photo, just do the following:

1. Turn down the color saturation
2. Turn down the contrast
3. Turn down the color temperature
4. Increase exposure
5. Add a suitable filter


INS style is not only used in the field of home design, but also in the design of office supplies. For example, mouse pad, witch we use everyday. Imagine living in an INS style room, it will have a special feeling.