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Special Rubber Flat Mouse Pad and Thermal Transfer Flat Mouse Pad

As a professional mouse pad manufacturers, our PU casting workshop has our own research and development department, self-assembly line, and unique production lines. So customers can order a large amount of products. Today, we will tell you what is rubber flat mouse pad material and another transfer flat mouse pad.


The seven-year-old rubber tree is good to use

rubber flat mouse pad

The bottom of common flat mouse pads is usually black rubber. This kind of rubber is vulcanized from the natural rubber produced by the rubber tree. It has the advantages of good elasticity, good ductility and excellent non-slip waterproof performance.


Natural rubber is mainly derived from the trefoil tree. When the skin of the rubber tree is cut, the milky white juice is called, which is called latex. The latex is coagulated, washed, formed and dried to obtain natural rubber.


It takes about 7 years from the planting to the start of rubber tapping. The annual output per tree is 5kg dry glue. The weight will be slightly changed after vulcanization, but the overall is roughly the same.


Rubber is a recyclable, reproducible, high-quality resource, while rubber-based flat mouse pads are also soft, non-deformable, and washable.Compared to mouse pads made of other materials, flat mouse pads are usually cheaper, but they are highly practical and have a wide range of styles to meet almost any performance requirement.


Each piece of rubber flat mouse pad contains the result of a seven-year growth of a rubber tree, so no matter how much money you buy, the flat mouse pad should not be discarded.



Solidified time

Time is like running water, and you can't chase it. It is probably the wish of all people to freeze the good times. However, time can be said to be the most ruthless thing in the world, and will not stay for anyone, anything.

custom wrist support mouse pad


It is precise because of this that people are happy to use the camera to record all the good things in life. Turn over the album and look at the photos that have been carefully kept, each photo representing this beautiful memory.


However, with the increasing popularity of photographic tools, people's attitudes toward photos are gradually changing. Looking at the photos on the phone, sometimes people can't even remember when this photo has been taken.


Recording important moments requires not only to take them as photos but also to use them in a way that is easier to store and not easily lost.
The thermal transfer flat mouse pad can clearly transfer the pattern to the mouse pad clearly. The pattern is clear and the color is bright, just like the solid time, never fade.


If you want to keep a good moment, the thermal transfer flat mouse pad will be your best choice.