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wholesale mouse mats

Kelida wholesale mouse mats become the government vigorously to promote the product.

  • Sexy Woman Silicone Boobs 3D Mouse Mad

    Sexy Woman Silicone Boobs 3D Mouse MadMore >

    The speed of the mouse mat surface height tight weaveand smooth. It provides  a run such as fly the plane;And controlling the mouse mat surface is rough, in order to provide the mouse a bigger friction, ensure accurate to pixel and the location and the best response. And at the same time maintain the smooth and stable operation.

  • 3D Breast Silicone Wrist Rest Mouse Mat

    3D Breast Silicone Wrist Rest Mouse MatMore >

    Adsorption, also known as slip resistance, good mouse mats to have a good adsorption and flexibility, so that the wholesale mouse mats and the desktop and other carriers instantly bonding, stripping, so that users use both practical.

  • Personalized Beauty Breast Mouse Mat

    Personalized Beauty Breast Mouse MatMore >

    A good mouse mat first absolutely smooth, but the meaning of the slips may be more, blindly pursue the slippery and tired of the words, it lost the accuracy of the mouse pause, we have to pursue is uniform, soft, some smooth feel. The brightness of a good mouse mat basically compatible with all the optical mouse, high reflectivity and low are not conducive to the positioning of the mouse to moderate appropriate.